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never trust a person who doesn’t think johnny depp is hot

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A lot of you cared, just not enough.
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Girl Who Was Called ‘Ugly’ After Donating Hair To Cancer Patients Gets Major Support From Internet

A few snips at the hair salon turned Jetta Fosberg’s selfless act into a school nightmare.

After the 10-year-old Ohio girl cut and donated 14 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that supports children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments, she started being bullied at school, her mom told WHIO News in Dayton.

For what happened with the bullies from Jetta’s school go here. 

To show support for Jetta, “like” her anti-bullying page on Facebook.

Okay but do you know what makes me so fucking angry I just cannot stand it? The principal who doesn’t think that a kid could die from words alone. Who in the hell can say that they’ve never heard of a child who has died from words???? Plenty of kids are bullied into suicide, and it’s all due to negligent attitudes just like that. Okay so maybe you’ve never personally known a kid that’s been bullied to death… are you really gonna ignore this situation until that changes?

Hell, I’m even disgusted by the implication that bullying isn’t legitimate unless it’s life threatening. Does it really have to be? If you’re only dealing with it once a child’s life is in danger, you are a failure. Even if a kid can survive bullying, there’s a lot to be said for quality of life, and if you can’t ensure that for your students, you don’t deserve to be responsible for a whole building full of kids every day.

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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At 19, I read a sentence that re-terraformed my head: “The level of matter in the universe has been constant since the Big Bang.”
In all the aeons we have lost nothing, we have gained nothing - not a speck, not a grain, not a breath. The universe is simply a sealed, twisting kaleidoscope that has reordered itself a trillion trillion trillion times over.
Each baby, then, is a unique collision - a cocktail, a remix - of all that has come before: made from molecules of Napoleon and stardust and comets and whale tooth; colloidal mercury and Cleopatra’s breath: and with the same darkness that is between the stars between, and inside, our own atoms.
When you know this, you suddenly see the crowded top deck of the bus, in the rain, as a miracle: this collection of people is by way of a starburst constellation. Families are bright, irregular-shaped nebulae. Finding a person you love is like galaxies colliding. We are all peculiar, unrepeatable, perambulating micro-universes - we have never been before and we will never be again. Oh God, the sheer exuberant, unlikely face of our existences. The honour of being alive. They will never be able to make you again. Don’t you dare waste a second of it thinking something better will happen when it ends. Don’t you dare.
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